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On Specific Works:

Moments of Being

Mrs. Dalloway's London
FAQ about A Room of One's Own
Orlando (Best)
Orlando and Cinema: Links
Orlando FAQ: Key Critical Issues
Orlando: Further Reading
Virginia Woolf, Orlando: A Biography (1928)
Virginia Woolf's Orlando: The Book as Critic
Virginia Woolf's New Biography
Vita Sackville-West


Bloomsbury Group

Bloomsbury: Omega & Hogarth
Charleston, the home of...the Bloomsbury Group



(Five-part essay by Christopher Witcombe, professor of art history at Sweet Briar College)


(From "k.i.s.s. of the panopticon"- a cultural theory and media literacy website)

VW: Turning the Centuries

Woolf in Pictures
VW: A Psychiatric History
Prof. Rose Norman's Virginia Woolf Seminar
Prof.Elisa Kay Sparks's Seminar on VW and T.S.Eliot

Virginia Woolf and British Gardens

Theory Links

Theory.Org.UK -- The Media Theory Site

Good range of resources, including some of the best links available on Queer Theory.

Contemporary Literary Theory

Constructed by Professor John Lye at Brock University in Canada, this remarkable site features extensive course materials and many well-chosen links to other helpful sites. It is clearly organized and fun to explore.

Voice of the Shuttle

An awesome humanities site. The place to go for links to practically anything you'd want to explore in the field (for example, Minority Studies and Women's Studies, Gender Theory, and Queer Theory).

Literary Theory - Resources

A very comprehensive site developed by Jack Lynch, "perhaps the most wired man in literary studies today."

Barry Laga's Critical Reading Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism

A rich and interesting site developed by Barry Laga, a professor at Mesa State College in Colorado.

Immanent Domain, the Warren Hedges Homepage

Access Warren Hedges's Timeline of Critical Paradigms (and several other creative and helpful pages) from this site. Hedges is a professor at Southern Oregon University.


The "Essential Comparative Literature and Theory Site" out of Penn. It has links to a wide range of interesting sites (such as the Bakhtin Center).

Everything Postmodern

"The most comprehensive guide to postmodern theory on the web today."















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